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We all hope you have a lovely summer and look forward to welcoming you back to school on Wednesday 5th September

Bully Busters

Welcome to the Oxhey Buddies page.

A day in the life of a Bully Buster by Isabelle


Everyday a Bully Buster goes onto the yard to make sure that no one is getting bullied. If a child is bullied we have to help and sort it out. Our board and lanyard show that we are Bully Busters. Also the biggest bench is called buddy bench you sit on it when you have a problem. If children are just playing we have to ask them to leave. Meetings are most important.



A day in the life of a Bully Buster by Olivia W


On your day you have to make sure people aren't getting bullied, if a person is on the bully bench go and see what is wrong with them. If they are just playing tell them that they shouldn't go on the bully bench unless they are being bullied or they have no one to play with. To sort out a problem whether it is hard or easy. We wear a cap, lanyard and board.



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