Over the phone market research is old school – online paid surveys is new school


Has any individual besides me been called by a telemarketer in the last 2 months? More than likely than not, that person was not a telemarketer, but a market research rep. Much frequently we are obtaining these two teams of people confused which is why I think that phone based marketing research is dying really promptly and also if any kind of business is considering doing marketing research (which thousands do each day), they need to begin taking it online! PERIOD!! Face it! The times are transforming! It is no longer acceptable to cold call an individual for outbound telemarketing or marketing research purposes. How wonderful for firms like General Motors or Alltel Wireless? They can mock up a survey as well as have marketing research firms send it to prepared individuals to to take it. Exactly how do they earn money? Well, the market study business are paid by the customer for every single study that is finished. They take a part of the payment and compensate their pollster 3 or four dollars for their time. It is an instead dazzling business model as well as I want I had actually thought about it initially! Best yet, these pollster can really make a pretty good amount of money if they are taking surveys for a handful of firms. Basically, the message I am trying to convey is 2 fold. For those business thinking about using marketing research to accumulate info concerning your current or future consumers, take it online. STOP WAITING! The longer you wait, the even more money you will lose out on.

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