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Shugborough Residential 2017

What an amazing time we all had! There are so many stories to tell from our time away from school and I know that the 'Worm Song' will be voiced for many months to come.

Although everyone was extremely exhausted by the time we arrived back at school, it's safe to say that many life skills were learnt and many memories were made!

Thank you for making it so much fun Year 4!


We had such an amazing time at Shugborough! Here are some of the group photos taken during free time, meal times, chores and group activities.

As always, we had a giggle when trying to stretch the bed sheet across the mattress and get our duvets to fit inside the covers without ending up in a big ball of mess. The children were brilliant at helping each other out, and everyone found success!
There were many skills taught during the archery session, and children learnt how to do it safely and improve their aim. Well done to Rossi for winning the 'Robin Hood Award' and Frankie Lacey for winning the 'Maid Marian Award ' for lead archers!
Children worked in teams to get across the pond using different planks of wood. They had to work together to get everyone across safely before having a team competition to cross the 'bridge' in the most creative way. Look out for the cartwheels and backwards hopping!

With the help of satellite technology, we searched for geoocaches in the grounds, and worked in small teams to find a range of different tree signs (which caused confusion when they weren't actually on the trees!)

Photo mapping took place in a smaller area, and using photos clues, we had to locate the different images and identify them on a plan of the area. Once we got to grips with the map, it was just a matter of following the photo clues. Easier said than done with some of the tricky images.

Children headed in to the woods to collect sticks, branches, conkers and other natural materials to make their chosen woodland craft design. They had the opportunity to use saws, clamps, hand drills and glue guns, and the adults were on hand to help with the wood burners and electric power drills. Their ideas were very creative and everyone came away with an end product, from dream catchers to jewellery.

Campfire and Night walk

We headed off in to the night (and the rain!) for a walk through the Shugborough woods. Due to the weather, we discovered many baby frogs and toads who had made their way to the road. We stopped counting when we reached 60 something!

Thankfully, the campfire on Thursday night was much drier and the children showcased their skills in a "Shugborough's Got Talent" event.

We headed up in to the woods to gather branches, logs, sticks and any other items we could make use of, to build a shelter for our teams. It needed to be strong and protect us from the weather. As a further challenge, we had to include additional features such as a welcome mat, camp fire and seating area.
Teamwork was key for these challenges. Children had to work together to crack the code, fill the tubes with water, build a catapult and follow the compass directions to win the crystals for their teams.

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