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Thank you for supporting the School Summer fayre - total raised is on the newsletter of 8th July

Mrs Margaret Shenton

Margaret has lived in Biddulph for 49 years, and her daughter attended Oxhey First School. She has 39 years experience of working in schools, as a teacher for 22 years, and as a Headteacher for 17 years.   


Margaret has been a member of the Governing Body of Oxhey First School for 13 years, and was Chair of the Governing Body from 2006 to 2013. (NGA guidance recommends that the Chair should occupy the position for no more than a recommended period of six years).  Following her retirement as a Headteacher she has worked as clerk to the Governing Body of thirteen schools from 2006 to 2014, including most of the schools in Biddulph. 


Margaret is proud of the education which Oxhey First School provides for the children, and welcomes the opportunities which the school’s membership of the Children First Learning Partnership will give to all at Oxhey.


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