Sudipta is daily waiting in front of school with a dream to read in school but failed!


However now-a-days institution as well as instructor are the second name of apprehension to the guardian, pupils and also the whole society also. Dipul Chandra Biswas back house Babukhali from Dhaka according to hisprofessional factors. Sukhomoy Biswas were the Land Donner of this college & he was the Chairman of Dhulajora Curaragati School Handling Committee in several years long as a land Donner. Sukhomoy Biswas was a small & honest man, he is the key persons who established this Institution. After a long period his sun Mr. Dipul Chandra who is the father of Sudipta happen as Chairman Dhulajora Curaragati School Taking Care Of Committee. Few Days ago Sudipta & her family members back from Dhaka and also her dad attempt to admit Sudipta in Mahammadpur Dhulajora Curaragati Schools. Ifhe obtained that possibility then the here and now Headmaster Mr. Santiram Mitra not able to offer his placing as Headmaster to his son in law. Since Headmaster Mr. The existing Headmaster Mr. Santiram Mitra influence other members of that Institution Managing Board & make a resolutions regarding Sudipta never ever before obtain admission here. Sudiptas daddy stated to us about this illegal desiccations of the College Handling Board that is significantly stunning & heart rending oppressions with us. Mustafizur Rahman said that in his 75 years of age he never ever seen or hearing this types of decision might be extracted from any type of institution. It’s a violation of essential rights & kids Laws additionally. He additionally said why they behave such as this? The Thana Nirbahi Officer of Mohammadpur claimed that in writing we notify Upzila Secondary Education Police officer take required steps for Sudiptas admissions. If they refuse we will take legal activities against them. Fazlul Haque, Secondary Education Officer, Magura claimed that he personally covered Sudiptas admissions however Today Headmaster Mr. Thence I make discussion over cell today
Headmaster Mr. I informed him you have no civil liberties to interfere with & abuse essential rights of kids. He also stated now it is impossible of Sudiptas admissions because School Taking care of Committee made resolutions about not to take her admissions. #According to The CONSTITUTION of Bangladesh has stipulations relevant to child care’s rights in its regulation principles of state policy [Articles 15,17 and also 25( 1)], the essential legal rights [Articles 27, 28( 1 )( 2)( 3)( 4), 31, 32, and also 39 (1)( 2)], and also the power of judicial review [Articles 26 (1)( 2)] Articles 27, 28 as well as 31 of the constitution set the basic principles pertaining to the protection of children from all types of discrimination. The constitution in these posts provide thatall citizens being equal before the legislation and being entitled to equal defense, need to be dealt with in accordance with legislation with no discrimination. It appears to us that the Institution Handling Committee of Mahammadpur Dhulajora Curaragati Schools does not respect the offense & abused The CONSTITUTION of Bangladesh cheerfully. The Affirmation of the Legal Rights of the Youngster, 1924 was taken on by the Fifth Assembly of the Organization of Nations where the rights of the youngster were very first stated in an international record. The legal rights approved in the 1959 Affirmation were later reaffirmed in the International Agreement on Economic, Social and also Cultural Civil liberties embraced by the UN General Assembly in 1966. Yet now-a-days college as well as instructor are the second name of uneasiness to the guardian, students and also the whole culture also. Is there any type of other existing added power or Regulations produced Institution Taking care of Committee of Mahammadpur Dhulajora Curaragati Schools? If not, how they attempts to taken such sort of steps!link: http://photos-a.

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